New Hours

We are open 7 days a week from 3pm-9pm Monday-Friday and normal 1pm-8pm on weekends during the mandatory Earthquake retro fit.

Mario will be in Wednesday-Saturday and guest spotting in Petaluma on Tuesday (email for details)

Justin will in Sunday-Tuesday and Friday

Joe  will be in Everyday except Friday pending appointments.

We don’t know how long the retrofit will be for but we are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued business through this disruption.

Please email us for any more details.

Seismic retro fit, changed and reduced hours

There is a city wide mandatory seismic retro fitting of all buildings built before 1978.  As of Wednesday May 6th we were informed  that we have one week before the retro fit of our business starts on May 13th.

Initially we were told that we would be given a 6 month warning. We were then told all work would start in June. The engineers have now told us that the work would begin in one week.

Half of our business will be torn apart and we will technically still have some limited space to work. We will not be able to start work for the day until 3pm after the workers leave our studio and we will not have a waiting area for over a month. All three of us will be working limited days as we are losing a station to work at. The studio will now be open 7 days a week.

If anyone has an appointment in the next two months that hasn’t been contacted, please call the studio. We are sorry for any inconvenience and will try our best to accommodate everyone.

First Friday

Every first Friday Justin will have a new flash sheet and will be doing these designs for Half off all day. First come first served. Please check out his Instagram for details @sweetmiserytattoo for more info


Friday the 13th

We are doing a special today. Set designs for around $13o and 160 for larger more detailed pieces. We have set designs with no changes. We will be starting at 1pm until we can’t tattoo. First come first served. Please swing byat 1pm to place your name on the list. Best to get there early to secure a spot.

You can see what we have available on our facebook

And our Instagram

@mariod1979 @sweetmiserytattoo  @thejoekelly77